Cherie is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto.  She is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University, after achieving previous degrees in Psychology and Criminology (Hons. BSc.) and Legal Studies (MA). Cherie’s work builds on her life experience, and she uses her practice as a means of self-discovery.  Intertwining elements of traditional craft is prominent in her work, especially after a recent residency in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Cherie’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in the GTA.  Her academic achievements have been recognized in the form of scholarships from OCAD University and the Government of Canada.

Artist Statement

Cherie’s work is a means of self-discovery.  It is often laborious and methodical as she uses process to explore thoughts and experiences that shape her life.  Some common threads that are addressed in Cherie's work are feelings of guilt, isolation, and questions of existentialism.  With the use of abstraction and materiality, Cherie evokes visceral feelings to establish a connection, encouraging the observer to contemplate in relation with their own lives.  In this way, though the pieces are inspired by personal experiences, they often can be understood in a broader archetypal, cultural or social sense.  Cherie’s roots in painting have shaped her as a multi-disciplinary artist as she uses an experimental approach to push the concepts of painting beyond the traditional canvas towards the realm of sculpture and installation.  A recent residency in Oaxaca, Mexico, inspired Cherie to challenge the delineation between art and craft, and she often incorporates sewing, quilting and embroidery into her work.


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